Effects of over population

Overpopulation is a world-wide problem that affects the environment, human rights, economies among other negative impacts. China addressed the need to steady their population by implementing a 1 child per couple law. Many people think it is cruel and impedes on a couples right to have more than one child. However, China’s population and the ability to sustain that population is why the law was created. Other countries have yet to adopt any laws or legislation to try to curb the growth of our population.

Many past civilizations grew beyond their food supply or resources and collapsed. The people of Easter Island, the Mayas and the Mycenaean civilization provide compelling examples. The modern world is also on the brink of self-destruction and this time it will be global unless we act decisively at this eleventh hour.

I quoted this statement directly from an article written by Kevin Galalae entitled “THE EFFECTS OF OVERPOPULATION ON HUMAN RIGHTS “. In this article he touches base with many negative impacts that overpopulation can bring to society. As we press forward into the 21st century, more and more problems are being swept under the carpet by people in positions of power. They not only hide problems that affect their populations, they also make decisions on how to deal with these problems that are not beneficial to the population. Overpopulation Crowd

Drought is impacting most of the United States this year and has affected the yield of crops. With this new drought, how will the US deal with the needs of its population? Simple it will import from other countries. By doing so it brings up prices on crops and in essence depletes the stockpiles from the country it will buy from to compensate for its losses. By raising prices of crops, it negatively impacts a person’s ability to afford corn or wheat products. Inflation of food products is an ongoing problem. Has your grandparent ever told you how much it cost for food back in their days? Compared to what we pay for our groceries today, a person in the 1900’s would have never been able to afford to eat. As food prices inflate, wages stay at an all time low.

I live in Canada, which has probably the lowest population per capita. We are only 34,874,371 people in a land mass that almost equals the continent of Asia. For a country so small in population, we have vast areas of land that some aren’t even surveyed to this day. Our economy is based on the world’s needs to our resources. Whether it be electricity or fresh water sold to the US, oil products sold to China or gold and other minerals mined here in Canada sold to other countries to meet demands.  We are in essence an enabler to other countries. We fill the voids that other countries are not able to produce. Sure it fuels a global economy, but what of our own economy?

As we look to the future of our planet, how much longer can it sustain our habits? How much more abuse will our planet be able to sustain? In the past, cultures have vanished from the face of this planet for these very problems. The global economy is the only thing that keeps countries afloat. What will our children’s children’s future look like? Will it become the future of Sci-fi novel Hunger Games where each country will have to fight to see who gets to live well while others live in utter poverty? Here is a link to the article written by Kevin Galalae.PART THREE – THE EFFECTS OF OVERPOPULATION ON HUMAN RIGHTS


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